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Rick Gillit
for D-12
Cheyenne Mountain
School Board

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Rick Gillit is a passionate education advocate vying for a school board position, bringing a wealth of experience and a tireless commitment to enhancing children's educational journeys. Currently serving as Treasurer for Peak Ed and holding a crucial board member position at the Peak Education Foundation, Rick has consistently championed children's education.
His dedication to educational excellence extends back to his previous role on the school board for Atlas Prep, where he played a pivotal role in shaping policies that improved students' lives. Rick's diverse experience gives him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing our education system.
Beyond his boardroom roles, Rick Gillit is a hands-on volunteer, actively engaged in initiatives that directly impact students. His dedication has enriched after-school programs, fortified student support systems, and championed innovative teaching methods.
Rick envisions a future where every child has equal access to a top-tier education. He advocates for equitable opportunities, transparent governance, and meaningful community engagement. With his demonstrated leadership, financial acumen, and unwavering commitment, Rick Gillit is the ideal candidate to steer our school board towards a more inclusive, progressive, and successful educational future.


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